Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Nite in Korea.. and information update for tomorrow

I went to Namdaemun today .. which use to be the biggest open market in Seoul, Korea but due to the economy like everything else it has down sized. To me it was still pretty big.. and interesting for that... the way people say unwrapped, raw chicken here is very gross! While I was waiting for Mom to come from the bank I saw a man cut up a raw octopus .. pull out its insides, put it in a bag and give it to someone! I wanted to throw up haha..

So tomorrow I will be getting up at 6am.. leaving at 7am.. arriving to the airport at 9am.. and leaving Korea at 11:10am. Then I will arrive to Tokoyo around 12:25pm and getting on the plane for Atlanta at 2pm.. and I will arrive at 2pm! (haha time change!!! booo) I have to wait around the airport until 6pm and I will arrive at the Gainesville Airport at 8pm. (May I remind u this is all on the 16th)

So I pray for a safe trip home! I am so grateful that God watched over me while I was here and that he allowed me to enjoy so many things on this trip. Also, being able to establish a relationship with each one of Mom's family members was truly special. I am going to miss everyone here but I am ready to come home! The culture here, the people, the food .. everything about Korea is the complete opposite here.. and while I was on this trip I started to thank God for all of the blessings he has given me.

God Bless You All and I will see you soon!!



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

coming to an end :(

My trip is coming to an end :( Today it rained a lot.. it has been raining really bad since yesterday! I went to my Aunt's English School and taught my 4 last classes there and it was really fun!! Afterwards, I went to dinner at my Aunt's (Mijin) house along with her daughter Jenny(Unji) and Mom... we had fried chicken!! it was yummy.. I didn't get a chance to see my Korean Grandparents grave because of all the rain.. but hopefully I will get a chance to go tomorrow because its suppose to stop raining in the afternoon.

here are some more pictures!



Sunday, July 12, 2009

good bye dinner :(

On Sunday after church I went to Mom's brothers house and we all had dinner together.. and we talked for a long time. Mom and I got back home really late.. but it was our "good bye" dinner.. our uncle is the chief editor of a popular magazine (which I have a copy of) and their closing deadline for the next issue is the 16th of July. So.. I will not be seeing them again :(

church service

Caribbean Bay Waterpark

So at this waterpark i went to on Saturday.. its a rule that u have to wear a hat in the wavepool.. so I bought a yellow hat!. The park has many strict rules.. another one is.. u have to wear a life jacket if u want to go past a certain point in the wave pool. No earrings allowed on the rides. There were so many rules.. I would be here a long time if I wrote them all out!
So the waterpark had many trees around it.. and mountains. There is the water park and next to it is a place called Everland next to it, which is like a mini Disneyworld! I had a lot of fun.. I was able to go with Mom and her family! FUN times :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

last weekend in Korea :(

So on Friday ...Mom and I went to this nice hotel and had dinner at the " all you can eat " buffet. The Bulgogi was amazing and so were the desserts! :) While I was eating the dessert I wished I could bring some back for Grandma Douglas because I know that she would have enjoyed them just as much as I did! The hotel we ate at was across the street from the biggest church in the world! So I called Grandma Douglas and told her that I got to see it. What's really amazing is that I could hear people singing inside from across the street :) and I called to tell her. So after dinner Mom and I walked around Sinchion and we had a drink together.. I tried the Korean Saju which is known to us as Japanese Sake. We bought some cute earrings together and sunglasses.. and we took pictures !!!

On Saturday, we are going to the most famous waterpark in Korea.. as long as it doesn't rain! I pray that it will not rain!!!

Thanks for keeping up with my blog! I hope everyone is well back home :)



Thursday, July 9, 2009

some more pictures

they call me "Teacher, Teacher, Jessica"